NOTICE what God is doing

The evolution of missions starts with noticing what God is doing. 

When we only see wars, natural disasters and political strife, we ask why? 

We all ask the same questions and seek answers that make sense, but it's only when we ask those questions in relation to a God that works through world events, that we can find solutions that not only make sense but encourage our involvement. Noticing what God is doing is to understand His reasons. but what good reason can there be found in wars and the suffering of people? 

Over the past few decades, fewer and fewer missionaries have been going to the unreached. Today there are more missionaries serving in Christian countries than in countries that host the almost 7000 unreached people groups that account for more than 3.2 billion people. Research by the Centre for the Study of World Christianity shows that not only are fewer missionaries going out to reach the lost but Christians spend most of their money on themselves.

Something has gone wrong.

If the money that is needed to reach the unreached remains within the Christianised world, and fewer missionaries risk their lives to reach those who need salvation, then the (church) is in trouble.


Why wars? Why natural disasters?

Today there are no less than 27 active conflicts (wars) raging throughout the world, and together with natural disasters, have displaced an estimated 90 million people. the UN estimates upward of over a billion people that could be displaced by 2050.  The question, of what is God doing, is simply that He is moving the nations. 

It's Kingdom math. If the church, which is God's primary vehicle for the lost, stops going to the lost, then God has to bring the lost to the church.