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Image by Maria Teneva


PARTICIPATE in what God is doing

Once we notice and understand what God is doing, we can either ignore our role or become active participants.

The Arab Spring revolution, with the ensuing wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen that forced millions to become refugees, presented the church with the option of participation. When more than a million Syrian refugees flooded Europe, the church was presented with a unique opportunity whereby it could either ignore its role in reaching the nations - by joining the far-right and spreading fear or become active participants in building God's kingdom by embracing Muslim refugees who would never have had the opportunity to hear the Gospel if they had stayed in wartorn Syria.  

To Participate means to cross the line and make a difference.

A testimony from Syria tells how a Christian listened every night to the cries of distress from people who were trapped by the Islamic State. A certain street in Homs divided the city between the Islamic State and the Syrian army. On the Syrian army side, there was water, food and medical aid available, but on the other side where the Islamic State was in control, there was no food, water or medicine. The Christian listened to people on the ISIS side calling for help every night, crying because they haven't eaten in a week and hadn't had water to drink in days. They were literally dying of hunger and thirst. The only reason no one ever crossed the street to take food and water to them was that the road was watched by ISIS snipers who would shoot anyone who tried to cross the street. The Christian could no longer listen to the death that was unfolding before her eyes. She then asked God what she should do. The Lord answered her and said: “If you do nothing, and stay on your side of the street, nothing will change for you. But if you walk across the street, it will change everything for the people on the other side.”



Will the church be ready for the coming harvest?

Only if it is willing to walk across the road.

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