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Hire Us For Scenario Planning

It is often the unexpected, unlikely,  and once in lifetime events that blindside missions organisations and churches when they choose not to adapt to a changing world.

Making use of Scenario Planning as a tool to encourage change has proven not only to identify obstacles but even turn them into opportunities. BUT, why worry about the unexpected, the unlikely, and those once-in-a-lifetime  events that might or might not impact the church? Because it is often these that open the door for the Gospel the widest.


For the Christian church, the overall future is one where Christ returns, as a result of the gospel having been preached to all man. To achieve this, different strategies are called for. Scenario Planning is one. 


How will the move of China on the global stage impact missions?

How will a rising middle-class change the way the lost are reached?

How will the shift of Christianity to the global South impact the church?


Scenario Planning can help answer these questions. 

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